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Wear Ray-Ban sunglasses to cool down in summer

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Ray-Ban is a synonym for sun glasses that block out glare. The birth of Ray-Ban sunglasses was caused by an air force lieutenant in the United states. In 1923, when the lieutenant flew a small plane across the Atlantic, he was deeply troubled by the intense sunlight, and returned to base with even nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

Based on this, in 1930 the company developed a Bausch & Lomb can absorb most of the sunlight, the least divergent energy, maintain a good clear vision of Ray-Ban sunglasses. In addition to Ray-Ban sunglasses have good protection function, the designer will design the shape styles of the more prominent rough valiant soldier temperament.

  • Kristin Nevins 08/06/2014

    Love this pair of Louise so much that I had to get both brown/blue and black/pink. My go-to classics
  • Adriana Delia Barar 07/11/2014

    So cheap price but so superior quality,surprising! Definitely second pair will be bought further!
  • Alexa Poletti 07/11/2014

    The light purple color stands out, brilliantly and wonderfully with comfortable materiel and sturdy quality!
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